Our Policy

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Our policy is long-term, medium-term or immediate nature policy.

The long-term target is concerning with our active participation in any efforts supporting the local governmental authorities and the authorities of regions of Western Greece to:

  • to prepare the infrastructure facilities such airports, ports, highways, railroad, etc.
  • to highlight the comparative advantages of the region as the cultural elements, Ancient Olympia, Ilida, Epikourios Apollon Ancient Monument, monasteries, castle of Chlemoutsi, etc.
  • to highlight the elements of nature such as beaches, mountains, dam of Pinios river, forest of strofyllias nature and many other interesting attractions and make them accesible for tourists in order to give the visitors an alternative vacations possibility and transmission capability of the local culture and civilization
  • the strengthening of cultural and folkloric activities so that the visitor becomes a partaker of our local culture.

In the medium term we are interested in exploiting all the possibilities that give us the developmental laws in order to reach and realize the economy of scale to deliver the maximum in the area and we can enjoy the best possible.

But because we are a family business that we are not interested in temporary gains but the long-term presence in the area of tourism investors with absolute respect for visitor through the high standard services. We want visitors to leave and look back nostalgically.

We describe a family of Italian scene: Leaving our installations his father stared behind and was spoken by his own telling ... I'm going back to do what ... in Rome!; For us this short phrase was the vindication of our existence. A deserted and quiet beach was comparing with the beautiful and well known Rome. We won for second time the Romans!

Finally, the direct nature of our priorities is to conform dynamically to the moments, because tourism is a alive organism and has to do with people's need for relaxation and fun in order to upload their batteries to continue their lives in aν environment full of requirments and stress.

We hope and believe that with our presence the environment be modified in that way that the needs of our visitors matching with the standards of our services and the results of our effort in order to make our place and country, 'THE PERFECT COUNTRY FOR THEIR HOLIDAYS' for them.

With appreciation and respect,

Panagiotis and Petros

Representatives of